Youth Award Online Form

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***Please note that NSAA scores will not be accepted***

Submission of an award must meet or exceed the following criteria below.

After you have received your 1st award, you are not eligible to receive another award unless or until you increase your previously submitted score by 25 pins/game or 50 pins/series. Example: Minimum game score is 100, you do not get another award until your game is at or over 125. You only recieve 1 award per increase.

Bantam     (Ages 8 & under)             Prep     (Ages 9, 10 & 11)                Junior     (Ages 12, 13 & 14)           Major/Senior     (Ages 15 & over)

Girl – 100 Game     325 Series          Girl – 150 Game     475 Series        Girl – 200 Game     550 Series          Girl – 225 Game     600 Series

Boy – 125 Game     375 Series          Boy – 175 Game     500 Series        Boy – 225 Game     575 Series          Boy – 250 Game     650 Series


Only submit the highest score/series per person. Example: If you have previously submitted a score of 575, please do not submit any scores that are lower. Only submit a score that is higher than 575. 

The Nebraska USBC asks centers/coaches to submit honor scores (series and games) as soon as possible after they have been bowled.  You may submit the honor scores online, or by mailing the form to:

Phil Tablazon
413 S. New York Ave.
Hastings, NE 68901

Website problems or award form online submissions please contact Linda Pawling for issues.